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Manny and Joyce Diesman opened their Dryer Vent Wizard business in 2009. Their aim is to honestly inspect and deal with any dryer vent problem, to repair the problem efficiently, skillfully and at a reasonable cost. In addition to dryer vent service, Manny and Joyce supply important guidance to their clients, informing them about dryer vent safety and dryer fire elimination.

Dryer Vent Wizard only concentrates and targets dryer vent and dryer exhaust problems; therefore, they will do it right. They are sophisticated professionals who use top-grade materials to install and recondition dryer exhaust vents.

Dryer Vent Wizard does a thorough 10-point dryer vent analysis to look for punctures in the dryer duct, poor venting, damaged or missing vent cap, air flow speed and over-all dryer exhaust operation. They check the total length of the dryer duct work for lint collection.

Dryer Vent Wizard will make required adjustments to the dryer vent system, repairing or upgrading dryer ducts and expertly routing them for sufficient airflow to effectively expel heat and moisture so tumbling laundry dries as fast as possible.

Appropriate dryer vent installation and yearly dryer vent cleaning ensures all dryers are suitably vented to the outdoors to defend against mold and mildew damage to the house. Mold can also be a health hazard to residents. Poorly vented gas dryers can give off dangerous gas by-products like carbon monoxide into the home. Dryer Vent Wizard will make certain the dryer is safely vented to eradicate this danger.

Have you ordered professional dryer vent cleaning services within the last year? Many dryer fires are due to neglect to clean dryer vents. The majority of dryer fires are documented in January than any other month of the year. Part of the increase is due to warmer garments being used during the colder months. The heavier materials take longer to dry, enabling more moisture and lint to pass through the system.

Service by Dryer Vent Wizard makes certain that clothes dryers work safely and efficiently, conserving energy and removing a fire risk. The Wizard serves homes and businesses in 60130, Forest Park, 60458, Justice, 60501, Summit, 60638, Bedford Park, 60532, Lisle, 60540, 60563, Naperville, 60555, Warrenville, 60637 Hyde Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

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Dryer Vent Wizard Greater Chicago
534 Barnsdale Road
LaGrange Park, IL 60526
Tel: 708-921-9265
Toll Free: 888-676-6142

The Wizard of LaGrange provides dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent repair, dryer vent installation, for residential and commercial buildings in the Greater Chicago area, Western Springs, Hillside, McCook, Hodgkins, LaGrange, LaGrange Park, Indian Head Park, Countryside, Justice, Summit, Brookfield, Berwyn, Chicago, Westchester, Brookfield, River Forest, Oak Park, Broadview, Hines, Riverside, Forest Park, Cicero, Warrenville, Naperville, Lisle, Woodridge, Winfield, Ontarioville, Wheaton, Carol Stream, Glendale Heights, Hanover Park, Bloomingdale, Roselle, Streamwood, Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Medinah, Addison, Villa Park, Elmhurst, Hyde Park, University of Chicago, University of Chicago Museum Center, Museum of Science and neighboring cities and communities.

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Iowa Soft Water is family owned and operated and has been serving Iowa residents and business owners for over 40 years. Owner, TJ Riley, brings quality products, personally tested with a high level of customer service with that home-town, Mid-West feel.

Iowa Soft Water offers a wide range of products including reverse osmosis water filter systems and home water softeners. They provide free water assessments and consultations for homes and businesses. Iowa Soft Water is a registered Hellenbrand dealer and member of the Better Business Bureau and the National Water Quality Association. They have been welcome guests, exhibiting their products at the Iowa State Fair and Des Moines Home and Garden Show.

The company is local and family owned, rather than being part of a franchise, so they are able to offer a wide array of water treatment products at affordable prices. Iowa Soft Water brings quality water to both residential and commercial customers who rely on healthy water quality to provide services, including public laundries, car washes, motels and adult and child care facilities.

Mory Matias operates Dryer Vent Wizard of North Shore Chicago, managing in Cook and Lake Counties, Glencoe, Wilmette, Glenview and nearby cities and communities. The Chicago Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard has brought home the Angie’s List Super Service Award each year since 2008 and is a respected affiliate of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Dryer Vent Wizard can administer all your dryer vent needs, dryer vent examination, repair service and new dryer vent system installed.

Mory used to do work in product development and now he is pledged to helping his local community evade dryer fires. His intention is to present a reliable service for home owners and business people that will enable them to achieve observable safety and savings by virtue of regular dryer vent cleaning service.

The majority of people are uninformed that consistent clothes dryer and dryer vent cleaning service is needed to keep the dryer working safely and to defend against dryer fires. Moreover, annual upkeep will save energy and affiliated expenses.

Once a client discovers their dryer requires several cycles to dry each load or if it keeps turning off during a cycle, the cause is probably lint collection in the vent line, causing the dryer to work inefficiently or not at all. Frequently arranged dryer vent cleaning can easily result in decreased energy expenses. Good upkeep will help avert straining the dryer with increased drying time. Furthermore, clothing doesn’t wear out as quickly if they do not need to go through many cycles.

Although cleaning a dryer vent may resemble an incredibly easy and realistic thing to complete, the truth of the matter is, many people just never do it. Time is a priceless asset for most people right now. Active homes have an immediate need to get their dryers working safely and efficiently. For this reason, they call Dryer Vent Wizard (http://dryerventcleanerchicago.blinkweb.com/) to help them acquire a quick remedy to their dryer vent situations. Contact the Wizard at 888-676-6142 for dryer vent service.

Mory Matias owns Dryer Vent Wizard of North Shore Suburbs of Chicago, working in Cook and Lake Counties, Wilmette, Lincolnshire, Winnetka, Riverwoods and surrounding cities and communities. The Wilmette Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard has acquired the Angie’s List Super Service Award every year since 2008 and is a respected affiliate of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Dryer Vent Wizard can deal with all your dryer vent needs, dryer vent analysis, improvement and new dryer vent system installed.

Mory used to do work in product development and now he is pledged to helping his local community reduce dryer fires. His aim is to bring an outstanding quality service for home owners and business people that will help them attain visible safety and savings by way of routine dryer vent cleaning service.

Many people are unaware that annual clothes dryer and dryer vent cleaning is vital to keep the dryer performing smoothly and to minimize the risk of dryer fires. Likewise, routine maintenance can absolutely save energy and affiliated expenses.

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Anytime a client discovers their dryer requires several cycles to dry clothing or if it keeps stopping in the middle of a cycle, the reason is probably lint deposits in the vent line, causing the dryer to operate inefficiently or not at all. Systematically planned dryer vent cleaning can absolutely result in lower energy costs. Appropriate care will help prevent overworking the clothes dryer with increased drying time. Furthermore, clothes doesn’t wear out as quickly when they do not get put through numerous cycles.

Even though cleaning a dryer vent may occur as being a rather simple and prudent thing to undertake, the reality of the thing is, lots of folks just do not do it. Time is a valuable commodity for most people today. Active households have an immediate need to get their dryers operating safely and efficiently. For this reason, they consult with Dryer Vent Wizard to help them attain a speedy approach to their dryer vent problems.

Little Elm Appliance Repair: John Callahan began his training doing work in his father’s appliance repair service in Long Island when he was 12 years old and began handling service calls at the age of 16. After acquiring Twenty Years’ experience in the family business John and his family moved to North Dallas and opened their Little Elm appliance repair company where they have advanced and prospered.

Callahans Appliance strives to sustain the family heritage to supply trustworthy and competent appliance service with world-class customer support done by highly trained and qualified professionals.

The Little Elm Refrigerator Repair tech recognizes that time is critical anytime the refrigerator or freezer break down simply because food will soon begin to go bad if it is not held at the proper temperature level. Whenever called about refrigerator matters the North Dallas appliance repair service will send a technician out right away to attend to the problem.

No one desires a cold dinner or half-baked bread so the Little Elm Oven Repair technician will arrive rapidly in a stocked service vehicle along with all the components necessary to get you cooking again!

When the dishwashing machine is leaking or fails to operate the Little Elm Dishwasher Repair man is ready to serve you!

Is the washing machine making bizarre noises, shaking or leaking? Is the clothes dryer operating but clothes not getting dry? The Little Elm Washer and Dryer Repair man knows exactly what to do.

Callahan’s Appliance Repair has a service professional who can deal with any home appliance rapidly and competently. All appliance service techs with Callahan’s Appliance Repair of Little Elm are thoroughly certified, licensed, insured and highly trained. Their behind the scenes staff and service technicians provide stellar customer service to make them the most often recommended choice in appliance repair in North Dallas.

Call the Little Elm Appliance Repair Technicians at 469-208-7613 to savor a more positive appliance repair experience!

Stockton Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard at work – Dryer vent installation and repair service:

Dryer Vent Wizard contractors are specifically educated and experienced in all aspects of dryer vent installation. Whether your scenario calls for new dryer vent installation or the need to change an outdated, inept or unsafe dryer vent system, we offer top quality and professional dryer vent installation using modern materials that satisfy present safety standards.

Here are several Rules of the Wizard (http://www.dryerventcleaningstocktoncalifornia.com/) for Correct Dryer Vent Installation:

Avoid using Foil or Vinyl Vents:

• They can be a fire danger.
• The rough interior allows significantly greater lint collection.
• They can easily be damaged, punctured or torn during cleaning.
• If a dryer fire should develop the plastic or vinyl provides fuel to enable flames to spread rapidly.
• Flexible foil vents can end up being smashed behind the dryer to hamper airflow.
• Vents made of low-grade product can bend creating low spots enabling water and lint to amass.

Don’t Use PVC Vents:

• These can also lead to a fire hazard.
• Static in PVC venting causes lint to attach to the inside of the vent walls, which can combine with the expelled water during a normal dry cycle, creating sludge and an escalated risk of a fire.
• PVC can sweat when warm moist air moves through the cool smooth surface which can enable lint to accumulate and densify and, successively, make cleanings more difficult.
• It takes longer for PVC to heat up so water can remain in a vapor form inside the duct and couple with lint buildup to produce sludge inside the vent.

Use only Rigid Metal Venting:

• This is code compliant material for dryer vents.
• The smooth interior surface will enable lint to travel through easily to reduce accumulation.
• It is rated the safest for containing a spark from inside the dryer to keep flames from spreading.

Professional Dryer Vent Installation:

Professional dryer vent installation by dryer vent service experts with Dryer Vent Wizard will make sure that vent materials are in compliance with the guidelines and requirements stated by one or more of the following authorities: IRC (International Residential Code), Underwriters Laboratory, dryer manufacturers, Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Fire Protection Association, and/or International Mechanical Code IMC.

Our contractors have the knowledge and instruction needed to properly perform dryer vent installation in any home. Request an appointment online or call 888-676-6142 today to schedule a comprehensive dryer vent inspection and evaluation.

Listed below are some refrigerator repair and troubleshooting guidelines that can help you get a bit more from your refrigerator and keep it running like new.


Just like any appliance, refrigerator maintenance is vital to keeping it working efficiently. A lot of appliance maintenance chores are also necessary for essential safety and durability. This advice provided by the Princeton appliance repair guru is relevant to most makes and models of refrigerators.


Caution! Appliance repair and troubleshooting can be hazardous for the typical homeowner. Prevent threat of death or accidental injury by disconnecting the appliance prior to making repairs. Appliances may have sharp edges so be careful when working on the inside of any type of appliance. If in doubt, get in touch with a qualified appliance service expert for services.


The majority of household refrigerators operate the same. All come with a compressor, condenser, evaporator, capillary tube and a thermostat. Refrigerators capture warm air and turn it into cooler by changing the heat using vaporization concepts.


The compressor is really the hardest working part of the refrigerator and is influenced by the thermostat. It compresses refrigerant gas, causing it to warm and pressurize as it flows through the condenser coils to consume hot air and condense into a liquid.


The condenser coil is a system of tubes going through thin pieces of steel appearing like fins. The high-pressure gas from the compressor moves into the condenser coils and transforms to liquid as the conduits radiate heat from the coils by the fins attached to the tubes. The capillary tube regulates the compression of the refrigerant as it penetrates the coils.


As the refrigerant travels through the capillary tube the liquid heats to boiling then dissipates to emerge as a very cold, low-pressure gas. The cold gas streams through the evaporator coils to make it possible for the gas to take in warmth; therefore, cooling off the air moving past the coils. The fan inside the freezer area distributes the air to keep the temperature constant. The procedure goes on to repeat itself, governed by the thermostat, to always keep frozen foods at a consistent temperature to preserve freshness.


Modern-day refrigerators have a mechanized defrost device that includes three primary elements; the defrost timer, defrost thermostat and defrost heater. Every 6-12 hours, the defrost timer turns off the power to the compressor and switches on the defrost heater. As the ice liquefies, it filters through a tube into a receptacle where it evaporates using a fan blowing hot air over it.


Refrigerator and Freezer Troubleshooting Tips:


Refrigerator not operating at all: Look at the power supply. Make sure the outlet is functioning right by plugging another thing into it. Look at fuses or circuit breakers. If this is not the trouble, perhaps it’s a variety of things including the compressor, overload/relay, regulator or circuitry.


If the fuse or breaker is good, refer to the troubleshooting section of the manual. Do not toss this aside; browse through it to find out how to maintain your refrigerator before anything fails. Appliance guidebooks have preventative maintenance techniques and operating information that ought to be abided by to guarantee functionality. Get in touch with a skilled appliance service expert to detect and fix refrigerator issues if the manual fails to give you the remedy.


Food not frozen consistently: This is not an unusual issue. Before anything else, look at the temperature which should be somewhere between -10 F and +10 F. Refrigerator temperatures ought to be 36F to 45F. Readjust the temperature as necessary.


Consider reorganizing the food as temperature levels can vary in various compartments. Check for a damaged gasket by placing a piece of paper between the gasket and framework as you shut the door. If it slips out effortlessly, you are in need of a fresh door gasket.


Refrigerator Runs constantly: The thermostat regulates the compressor, shutting it off and on as necessary. The compressor will run until the temperature level is below the thermostat setting.


A brand-new refrigerator will run for a very long time, just about continuously, before it cools down enough to maintain the chosen temperature, about 24 hours. Always keep the refrigerator one half to two-thirds full to maintain a stable temperature. If you have a small-sized family and can not keep it full, fill the area with jugs of water. The cold things within will help sustain the temperature as the door is opened and closed.


Ensure the refrigerator has air allowance surrounding it. Refrigerators with a condenser coil on the back need allowance to emit heat away from the coils. Verify the light is going out when the door is closed because it may heat the interior of the refrigerator. Push the switch with the door open and if the light remains on, fix or replace the switch.


The refrigerator will run a bit more if the area is hot and humid or if you have recently placed a great deal of warm food into it. If the compressor does not turn off when the temperature is cold enough, it could need to be repaired. A refrigerator thermometer can help you ascertain an appropriate setting to keep food cold and keep the compressor from running too much.


If the problem is a low level of refrigerant, you will want to consult with an appliance service professional who is EPA certified to work on a sealed system. Venturing to deal with this issue yourself will likely void the manufacturer’s warranty.


Learn from the Appliance Master®!  See the Princeton appliance repair guru has to say about dishwasher repair and maintenance, and learn more about caring for all your home appliances!  Call 609-683-7171 to schedule appliance service.


The essential tips and guidance help DIY homeowners fix their washing machine safely and proficiently to save money while avoiding a service call


Whenever the washing machine makes unusual sounds or discontinues running completely, clever DIYers can take care of it on their own with a little assistance from the owner’s reference book. When the manual doesn’t give a remedy, area residents are glad to have a neighborhood washing machine parts store with specialists who can help them.


Repairing a washer typically calls for a skilled service technician, however some mechanically inclined folks are capable as well. Given that the washer uses both water and electricity, it should only be serviced by a person who definitely understands what they are doing and the way to do it without risk.


Appliance Parts Today is a local retailer that stocks all the well-known washer parts and components. Individuals who call seeking particular parts are often thrilled to discover that it is in stock and ready for them to pick up. Whenever they come into the store they can also make inquiries and get advice from a washing machine repair specialist.


From major washer parts like the lid switch, control board and motor to devices like buttons, levers and filters, Appliance Parts Today carries everything the do it yourself specialist requires to repair their washer.


Since launching the business in 2003, Appliance Parts Today commemorates record revenues and business expansion. Their hospitable staff is happy to take calls from customers who are searching for replacement parts and technical assistance for fixing their own appliances. Customers are encouraged to check out the store and experience exceptional customer service and technical advice from a helpful, competent staff.


About Appliance Parts Today:

Appliance Parts Today is a Tapco appliance parts retailer and Air Conditioning parts distributor with replacement parts for most brands and styles of home appliances such as fridge parts, garbage disposal parts, stove and range parts, washing machine and clothes dryer parts and a total line of Goodman HVAC parts. The pleasant staff is also available to answer questions and provide technical guidance to help DIY homeowners repair their own appliances and air conditioners.


Serving the metro and neighboring suburbs for more than 20 years, no project too large, no task too small


Norske Electric is local residents and business operators’ favorite electrical contractor thanks to their commitment to excellence. The family-owned and operated Minnetonka electrician has served the metro and surrounding neighborhoods for over 2 decades providing the very best electrical service to all their clients.


No job is too big, no task too small for the Minnetonka electrical contractor who furnishes 24/7 emergency electrical support service. Household electrical customers enjoy excellent service for small and large electrical repairs and maintenance, code compliant electrical work for home improvement or new development.


Commercial electrical clients count on Norske Electric to ensure safety and energy efficiency for their business. The Minnetonka electrician are consistently seeking to stay on top of technological and professional improvements to give their customers the absolute best services.


From new commercial development and renovating to building retrofit and electrical maintenance service, Norske Electric is dedicated to providing top notch work on a prompt schedule.


Norske Electric attributes their good image and achievement to their steady customers who often refer their friends and family. Much of their new business originates from “word of mouth’ promotion, which speaks for itself. Norske Electric is absolutely skilled and extensively relied on in Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Edina and neighboring cities and communities in the metro area.


About Norske Electric:

Norske Electric was started by skilled technicians that arrive with greater than Twenty Years of experience. Their electricians are undeniably dedicated to supplying the most dependable premium services and products with utmost customer focus and attention to detail with each and every task.


Here is the weight loss regimen you have been pursuing! This is the ideal weight loss strategy that will help you take it off and keep it off, with no extensive exercise sessions, surgical treatments, caffeine or harmful diet supplements.


By using the advanced weight loss program presented here you can lose up to 40 pounds and 25 inches in just 6 weeks!


New Life Body Sculpting Protocol is a risk-free and successful, nonsurgical program that incorporates a healthy diet with a safe, natural supplement, Zerona laser therapy and a doctor’s support.


The New Life Body Sculpting Protocol is created to detoxify your body, increase the metabolic process and control hunger as the extra pounds quickly vanish. Patients who comply with this plan lose 25-40 pounds and 12-30 inches in just 6 weeks without investing hours in the exercise room!


New Life Body Sculpting Returns:


  • Control Hunger and Reduce Food Cravings
  • Improve Fat burning capacity and Increase Energy Levels
  • Lose Body Fat
  • Lose Weight and Acquire New Life
  • Greater Health
  • Self-esteem


New Life Body Sculpting measures up to its name, bringing you a new life along with a new body so you can indulge in wearing new clothes in fashions only available in smaller sizes.


Make this your final attempt to lose weight. A number of our patients have tried multiple diets and weight loss programs just to end up being discouraged and give in. Those who follow the New Life Body Sculpting Protocol say this one is definitely different! They love the progressive advice through the entire process and best of all, they are thrilled with the end results.


This Weight Loss Program delivers and helps you lose the weight and keep it off!


The New Life Body Sculpting Protocol helps you discipline your body to yearn for healthier foods in appropriate portion sizes to allow you to lose the weight and keep it off. Throughout the first few days of the New Life system go ahead and eat the fatty foods you crave to boost your metabolism to melt fat quickly.


After that begin eating a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and lean meat for protein, in well-suited portion sizes so you do not feel starved but you have energy to lose fat.


The scale and the mirror end up being your friends as you see the excess weight and fat disappear and feel the satisfaction and exhilaration as you come closer to your final goal.


New Life Body Sculpting Protocol is a fat-burning consolidation of a healthy and balanced low calorie diet, supplemental drops, and cutting edge ZERONA laser approach to decrease fat rapidly while detoxing the body, boosting metabolism, curbing hunger and eliminating unhealthful cravings. Most importantly, this method primarily targets body fat for weight loss. Retain the muscular tissue and eliminate the fat!


People who have tried out other diet programs like Paleo, Atkins, Jenny Craig, and various others without favorable results say that our method has provided them a brand new life.


  • New Life Body Sculpting is not just a fad diet.
  • No meetings to go to
  • There are not pre-packaged meals to purchase
  • No arranging your next training session


Like any type of weight loss program there are a few SIDE EFFECTS that we have to disclose:


New, thinner body needing a whole new wardrobe!


Heightened energy with an aspiration to try out new adventures like bumper cars and zip lining!


New Body, Fresh new Look, Whole new Life!