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Listed below are some refrigerator repair and troubleshooting guidelines that can help you get a bit more from your refrigerator and keep it running like new.


Just like any appliance, refrigerator maintenance is vital to keeping it working efficiently. A lot of appliance maintenance chores are also necessary for essential safety and durability. This advice provided by the Princeton appliance repair guru is relevant to most makes and models of refrigerators.


Caution! Appliance repair and troubleshooting can be hazardous for the typical homeowner. Prevent threat of death or accidental injury by disconnecting the appliance prior to making repairs. Appliances may have sharp edges so be careful when working on the inside of any type of appliance. If in doubt, get in touch with a qualified appliance service expert for services.


The majority of household refrigerators operate the same. All come with a compressor, condenser, evaporator, capillary tube and a thermostat. Refrigerators capture warm air and turn it into cooler by changing the heat using vaporization concepts.


The compressor is really the hardest working part of the refrigerator and is influenced by the thermostat. It compresses refrigerant gas, causing it to warm and pressurize as it flows through the condenser coils to consume hot air and condense into a liquid.


The condenser coil is a system of tubes going through thin pieces of steel appearing like fins. The high-pressure gas from the compressor moves into the condenser coils and transforms to liquid as the conduits radiate heat from the coils by the fins attached to the tubes. The capillary tube regulates the compression of the refrigerant as it penetrates the coils.


As the refrigerant travels through the capillary tube the liquid heats to boiling then dissipates to emerge as a very cold, low-pressure gas. The cold gas streams through the evaporator coils to make it possible for the gas to take in warmth; therefore, cooling off the air moving past the coils. The fan inside the freezer area distributes the air to keep the temperature constant. The procedure goes on to repeat itself, governed by the thermostat, to always keep frozen foods at a consistent temperature to preserve freshness.


Modern-day refrigerators have a mechanized defrost device that includes three primary elements; the defrost timer, defrost thermostat and defrost heater. Every 6-12 hours, the defrost timer turns off the power to the compressor and switches on the defrost heater. As the ice liquefies, it filters through a tube into a receptacle where it evaporates using a fan blowing hot air over it.


Refrigerator and Freezer Troubleshooting Tips:


Refrigerator not operating at all: Look at the power supply. Make sure the outlet is functioning right by plugging another thing into it. Look at fuses or circuit breakers. If this is not the trouble, perhaps it’s a variety of things including the compressor, overload/relay, regulator or circuitry.


If the fuse or breaker is good, refer to the troubleshooting section of the manual. Do not toss this aside; browse through it to find out how to maintain your refrigerator before anything fails. Appliance guidebooks have preventative maintenance techniques and operating information that ought to be abided by to guarantee functionality. Get in touch with a skilled appliance service expert to detect and fix refrigerator issues if the manual fails to give you the remedy.


Food not frozen consistently: This is not an unusual issue. Before anything else, look at the temperature which should be somewhere between -10 F and +10 F. Refrigerator temperatures ought to be 36F to 45F. Readjust the temperature as necessary.


Consider reorganizing the food as temperature levels can vary in various compartments. Check for a damaged gasket by placing a piece of paper between the gasket and framework as you shut the door. If it slips out effortlessly, you are in need of a fresh door gasket.


Refrigerator Runs constantly: The thermostat regulates the compressor, shutting it off and on as necessary. The compressor will run until the temperature level is below the thermostat setting.


A brand-new refrigerator will run for a very long time, just about continuously, before it cools down enough to maintain the chosen temperature, about 24 hours. Always keep the refrigerator one half to two-thirds full to maintain a stable temperature. If you have a small-sized family and can not keep it full, fill the area with jugs of water. The cold things within will help sustain the temperature as the door is opened and closed.


Ensure the refrigerator has air allowance surrounding it. Refrigerators with a condenser coil on the back need allowance to emit heat away from the coils. Verify the light is going out when the door is closed because it may heat the interior of the refrigerator. Push the switch with the door open and if the light remains on, fix or replace the switch.


The refrigerator will run a bit more if the area is hot and humid or if you have recently placed a great deal of warm food into it. If the compressor does not turn off when the temperature is cold enough, it could need to be repaired. A refrigerator thermometer can help you ascertain an appropriate setting to keep food cold and keep the compressor from running too much.


If the problem is a low level of refrigerant, you will want to consult with an appliance service professional who is EPA certified to work on a sealed system. Venturing to deal with this issue yourself will likely void the manufacturer’s warranty.


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Whenever the washing machine makes unusual sounds or discontinues running completely, clever DIYers can take care of it on their own with a little assistance from the owner’s reference book. When the manual doesn’t give a remedy, area residents are glad to have a neighborhood washing machine parts store with specialists who can help them.


Repairing a washer typically calls for a skilled service technician, however some mechanically inclined folks are capable as well. Given that the washer uses both water and electricity, it should only be serviced by a person who definitely understands what they are doing and the way to do it without risk.


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Just like other industries and technologies, even appliance technology has been constantly improving. Earlier, homeowners had to spend a huge amount of money to get some appliances with innovative features. These days, most big appliance brands come with innovative features and offer numerous benefits. They even have features like self-cleaning and high end convection. For most families Continue reading


It is very difficult to live in a house without basic appliances. But unfortunately, even the most expensive appliance at one time may break. When your stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher or dryer breaks, you may be tempted to use the appliance repair company within your immediate reach, or in your phonebook. But before you act out of emotions, think twice. Any appliance in your house is your investment and has taken a lot of time and money. It is very important to hire a professional and reputable appliance repairman who will perfectly restore your appliance to a normal working condition. If your oven is not working, there are various considerations that will help you identify the top oven repair companies, right for the job.

Skills and experience.

You certainly do not want to hire a technician who will worsen the condition of your appliance. For you to access quality services, it is good to hire a company with skilled technicians. Your appliance is very valuable, and you should not waste your time and money with an unscrupulous people. In order to avoid disturbing situations, ensure you work with a company that has experienced technicians.

Repair cost.

Before booking a technician, it is good to discuss repair cost. Repair is always better than replacement, and a good technician should work to repair rather than replace. But according to customer report, if the cost of repairing an appliance is half or more the cost of purchasing a new appliance, and it is more than 8 years, it is wise to avoid repair and purchase a new one.

When repairing your appliance, you should hire a company that has best rates. Take time and compare rates in different companies. As a rule of thumb, use a company offering quality services at the best rate. No any time should price compromise the quality of service offered.


Never hire a company that will take years to repair your appliance. You know the inconveniences and problems you can face if any of your appliance is not working. It is good for the company to work within the agreed time frame.


Licensed and insured.

Always work with a licensed and insured technician. They will provide quality work and they always have good compensation plan in case of unexpected happenings.

In addition, licensed and insured technicians have good warranties. Warranty allows you to enjoy quality of services without worries because if any complication develops, the warranty will cover up.

Although most home owners are lured by the cheap prices offered by unscrupulous repairman, there are many benefits of hiring reputable appliance Repair Company. For example, they offer services at an affordable cost, thus saving cost.

Reputable companies have deep knowledge and they can quickly identify the repair the problem accordingly. Most appliances have complex electronic part and only skilled and experienced technician can successfully interact with such elements.

You will be free from hassles- they will work within the agreed time. The quality of work is always agreed and the warranty allows you to enjoy services without any worries.





Getting a non-functioning appliance fixed can be a headache. Just ask someone who just got home after 9, 10 or 12 hours of work, only to find his/her washing machine won’t start. The washing machine can’t just sit there, it needs to work. This means you have to call an appliance repair service.


Sometimes, the appliance repair personnel take their own sweet time to respond to respond. This turns out to be a very stressing experience, especially if the malfunctioning appliance is very important. To avoid such cases, you need to get the best company to do the job for you. Below are tips on how to find a great appliance repair service company.


1. Ask for references

Start by talking to a friend or a family member. Ask her to recommend a good company. Appliance repair companies offer repair services for a wide range of equipments. The equipments include freezers, dishwashers, garbage disposal, trash compactors, refrigerators, air conditioners and ranges and wall ovens. There are many companies out there that promise a good job but not all offer satisfactory services. Therefore, ask friends and family to recommend a good company to you. If the company served them well, then you can try them out.


2. Guaranteed customer satisfaction

You need a technician who can perform a good job; the repair should be professional. Shoddy repairs will only cause more problems. A company that offers guaranteed customer satisfaction should top your list. A company that is fast to respond to all your queries and problems portrays good customer service. To find out more about a company, read online reviews and testimonials. These will help you determine if the previous clients were satisfied or not.


3. Wealth of experience

A company with many years of experience knows what to do and what not do it. Such a company will have an easier time dealing with huge problems since they have many years of experience. Most of these companies also have the right tools and equipment to complete the job.



4. Factory Trained Employees

Make sure you choose an appliance repair service company whose employees are factory trained. The employees should also be certified in appliance repair. Apart from this, a good company should warranty its work, usually 90 days to 1 year.


5. Affordable rates

At the end of the day, we all need to save some few dollars. Go for the company that offers you the best quote. A company with guaranteed customer satisfaction, highly trained employees, boundless experience and affordable rates should be your top choice.

Great Appliance Repair Service