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Little Elm Appliance Repair: John Callahan began his training doing work in his father’s appliance repair service in Long Island when he was 12 years old and began handling service calls at the age of 16. After acquiring Twenty Years’ experience in the family business John and his family moved to North Dallas and opened their Little Elm appliance repair company where they have advanced and prospered.

Callahans Appliance strives to sustain the family heritage to supply trustworthy and competent appliance service with world-class customer support done by highly trained and qualified professionals.

The Little Elm Refrigerator Repair tech recognizes that time is critical anytime the refrigerator or freezer break down simply because food will soon begin to go bad if it is not held at the proper temperature level. Whenever called about refrigerator matters the North Dallas appliance repair service will send a technician out right away to attend to the problem.

No one desires a cold dinner or half-baked bread so the Little Elm Oven Repair technician will arrive rapidly in a stocked service vehicle along with all the components necessary to get you cooking again!

When the dishwashing machine is leaking or fails to operate the Little Elm Dishwasher Repair man is ready to serve you!

Is the washing machine making bizarre noises, shaking or leaking? Is the clothes dryer operating but clothes not getting dry? The Little Elm Washer and Dryer Repair man knows exactly what to do.

Callahan’s Appliance Repair has a service professional who can deal with any home appliance rapidly and competently. All appliance service techs with Callahan’s Appliance Repair of Little Elm are thoroughly certified, licensed, insured and highly trained. Their behind the scenes staff and service technicians provide stellar customer service to make them the most often recommended choice in appliance repair in North Dallas.

Call the Little Elm Appliance Repair Technicians at 469-208-7613 to savor a more positive appliance repair experience!

Stockton Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard at work – Dryer vent installation and repair service:

Dryer Vent Wizard contractors are specifically educated and experienced in all aspects of dryer vent installation. Whether your scenario calls for new dryer vent installation or the need to change an outdated, inept or unsafe dryer vent system, we offer top quality and professional dryer vent installation using modern materials that satisfy present safety standards.

Here are several Rules of the Wizard (http://www.dryerventcleaningstocktoncalifornia.com/) for Correct Dryer Vent Installation:

Avoid using Foil or Vinyl Vents:

• They can be a fire danger.
• The rough interior allows significantly greater lint collection.
• They can easily be damaged, punctured or torn during cleaning.
• If a dryer fire should develop the plastic or vinyl provides fuel to enable flames to spread rapidly.
• Flexible foil vents can end up being smashed behind the dryer to hamper airflow.
• Vents made of low-grade product can bend creating low spots enabling water and lint to amass.

Don’t Use PVC Vents:

• These can also lead to a fire hazard.
• Static in PVC venting causes lint to attach to the inside of the vent walls, which can combine with the expelled water during a normal dry cycle, creating sludge and an escalated risk of a fire.
• PVC can sweat when warm moist air moves through the cool smooth surface which can enable lint to accumulate and densify and, successively, make cleanings more difficult.
• It takes longer for PVC to heat up so water can remain in a vapor form inside the duct and couple with lint buildup to produce sludge inside the vent.

Use only Rigid Metal Venting:

• This is code compliant material for dryer vents.
• The smooth interior surface will enable lint to travel through easily to reduce accumulation.
• It is rated the safest for containing a spark from inside the dryer to keep flames from spreading.

Professional Dryer Vent Installation:

Professional dryer vent installation by dryer vent service experts with Dryer Vent Wizard will make sure that vent materials are in compliance with the guidelines and requirements stated by one or more of the following authorities: IRC (International Residential Code), Underwriters Laboratory, dryer manufacturers, Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Fire Protection Association, and/or International Mechanical Code IMC.

Our contractors have the knowledge and instruction needed to properly perform dryer vent installation in any home. Request an appointment online or call 888-676-6142 today to schedule a comprehensive dryer vent inspection and evaluation.